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    Mardi 3 Décembre 2019 à 00:37
    You will need experience in working on large projects (about 20,000 words - however, you will start on much smaller projects while your writing is assessed) to a publishable standard, such as:  Dossiers  Whitepapers  Business Reports  Literature reviews  Best practice guidance  Interview integration into text Additional skills required include:  Referencing skills – the work is highly evidence-based  Investigative and research skills – you will need to dig deep into various topics  Strong communication and interpersonal skills – you will be required to collaborate and work closely with other members of the team, including Quality Control (QC)  Ability to accept and make use of constructive criticism – maintaining an attitude of teamwork  Exceptional comprehension skills  Detail-oriented with the ability to adhere to project descriptions  Initiative and originality – any plagiarism will result in immediate dismissal  Reliability – projects need to be completed on time to ensure we provide a high quality of service to our customers Ideally, you will have knowledge of the following, or a willingness and ability to make yourself an expert in these areas:  The pharmaceutical and life sciences industry (focus on the business and patient side, rather than drug-based)  Medical Writing  Business and marketing terminology  Academic writing experience is a real plus.
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